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Our official Wings forum is still a little bit quiet. Let's change that!
Play our game, register here and get in touch with us developers and other Wings players and fans!

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#1 2015-08-28 12:07:31

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You've hit the sweet spot.

This project is amazing. The lo-res textures really evoke that feeling when I first played X-Wing, but the  gameplay (the motion, controls, effects) acheive in actuality what in the old school only my imagination could fill in. Whenever I go to dosbox to play the old space combat games, I soon stop because I realize all that they lack; how much was just my imagination, and how much more recent games have upped the bar. But Wings has the old feel, but with modern features. And it plays on my Mac mini!

Here's one fan who will be praying for this to finish.

Good luck!


#2 2015-08-28 13:40:46

Jan Simon
Wings Programmer
From: Germany
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Re: You've hit the sweet spot.

Billy, thank you very much for your praise! It's unbelievable how motivating it is to check the forums and read messages like yours, so in that way it's almost like you fans are actively helping the development haha! Speaking of which, we're actively working on Wings. I just implemented a custom deadzone settings that should hopefully sort out issues with people that were using non-standard controllers (HOTAS/Warthog etc) and Howie is trying to fix a deep shader issue that was introduced with the upgrade to Unity 5.

Thanks again and cheers!


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